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7th Grade
The Life Management exploratory applies academic learning to hands-on application and allows students to demonstrate respectful and caring interpersonal skills. Students are given an introduction to personal finance, basic measurement and sewing techniques, nutrition and wellness practices, safety and sanitation in the kitchen, and food preparation utilizing science and math principles.

8th Grade

Available for one semester to eighth grade students who are interested in developing the topics introduced in the exploratory as well as pursue new material. The course hopes to empower students by gaining skills that will lead to greater self sufficiency.

Life Management provides opportunities need for:

  • Exploring employment and careers
  • Gaining experience in personal finance
  • Analyzing advertising and marketing strategies
  • Constructing a simple sewing project
  • Promoting optimal nutrition and wellness
  • Understanding recipes and labels
  • Developing math, science, and teamwork skills in the kitchen
  • Preparing food with emphasis on safety and sanitation.

Grading Policy
As these courses rely predominately on hands on experiences, students will be evaluated on their participation, teamwork, and effort in classroom activities. Our ACT goals are reinforced throughout class experiences.